Booking Widget increase your sales

Advantages of the System

Booking Widget - increase your sales
In our efforts to meet your needs of maximizing the occupancy and the easier contact with customers we built Booking Widget.
Our service enables the customers to book the room on the hotel website, helping them to choose the accommodation offer and saving work for the hotel employees.
Its main advantage is that it integrates multiple functionality: on one screen the customer can check the available dates and rooms, set the reservation parameters and see the accommodation details. The user accounts enable the interactive reservation management.
The System automatically disables the rooms that have been booked, preventing the overbooking. By default, the widget suggests the best prices and shows hotel's complete offer, allowing you to increase quantity and value of reservations.

dvantages for the hotel owners

  • possible significant increase of the quantity of reservations
  • good transaction security
  • quick and simple integration with the website
  • better customer satisfaction

Advantages for the hotel employees

(working in the reception office and marketing dept)

  • full technical support
  • ergonomics and simplicity
  • easy integration with the Davatis System
  • savings of time and money

Advantages for the customers

  • interactive reservation management through the user account
  • user friendly interface
  • reliable and quick booking process
  • 24 hours booking service
  • best price suggesting functionality and the wide range of offers
  • simple and comfortable communication with the hotel
  • possibility of modulation of the chosen offer