Terminals for hotels


bank at your hotel

Payments for hotels

Reservations confirmed

payments for hotels


bank at your hotel

Terminals for hotels


  • card payment for bed restaurant, spa and other services np. bike rent

  • acceptance and settlement of the main types of payment cards VISA, MasterCard, Diners Club

  • card acceptance American Express oraz polish card to installment loan Lukas, Cetelem, Finplus

Cash Back

  • withdrawal of cash at the reception - Your customers no longer need to look for an ATM in the area, because it will be in your reception

  • ATM - where in the town where your hotel isn't an ATM, Cash Back service can fulfill its functions

  • earn a commission on financial services - increase your income earning on commission payments or offers cash buying of products and services at the payment of money

Prepaid recharge

  • sell mobile top-ups - convenient service for customers.