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How to use Davatis System?

Using the System is regulated in Terms of Use and its appendices.

How to use booking widget?

Using booking widget is regulated in Reservation Policy and its appendices. Using the widget is the same as using the System. Booking widget is its optional component.

Who can have an account in Davatis System?

It's possible to create account for the accommodation facility owner, who acts int the system as a Principal/Owner, and for their employees, who can act in the system as a Manager and as a Receptionist. Detailed regulation concerning particular rights attributed to each mentioned function is included in Terms of Use.

How are the employees accounts are set up?

Employees' accounts are created by the Principal/Owner as they need to create them. The Principal/Owner is also managing the rights which are attributed to their employees. Types of accounts and the process of creating them is regulated in Terms of Use.

What are the rights of the Manager?

According to Terms of Use the User which is acting in the System as a Manager is allowed to make the updates, create new users and gives them privileges. All privileges, rights and duties are in Terms of Use.

What are the rights of the Receptionist?

The Receptionist is allowed to make and modify the customers' reservations. All their duties and rights are in Terms of Use.

Is it allowed to have more than one account?

Yes, it is. However, it's not allowed to use the accounts in a manner inconsistent with Terms of Use.

How the User rights can be modified?

It depends on whose rights are to be modified. Generally, it's the user acting as a Principal/Owner who can manage the rights attributed to their employees' account. They can also grant this their right to their employee, who would act in the System as a Manager. Detailed regulation concerning modifying the Users' rights is included in Terms of Use.

How can I recover my password?

Next to the login form you can find “Recover password” option. After clicking on it and fill the field you will receive an e-mail with the URL to the “Change Password” form.

How can I cause the deletion of my account?

It depends on who you are. If you're an accommodation facility employee, your account may be deleted by the Principal/Owner. If you're the Principal/Owner, your account will be deleted or deactivated by the Administrator on your written request.

Can I export the data stored in the System?

This option is currently unavailable.

I run several accommodation facilities within one company. Can I manage them in Davatis System holding only one User's account?

Yes, you can. Thanks to this, Davatis System provides you the full control of activity, liquidity and accountancy of all your facilities. The System is available online from anywhere in the world and 24/7.

How can I switch between different accommodation facilities?

There are two ways - you can choose the right facility by selecting it after logging in on the main page or by the clicking on its name displayed on any other page in its upper right corner, under the account and language menu.

How can I add the facility descriptions in other languages?

Click on the appropriate flag in the edit form and enter the description.

How the System informs the Customer about the reservation has been successfully made?

After the Customer makes the reservation by the widget, their reservation is displayed in the Reservation Preview and in the Calendar. Additionally, the Customer receives the notification via e-mail.

Can the reservation be cancelled?

Yes, it can be cancelled by the Customer and in certain cases – i.e. when the Customer isn't trusted and verified – also by the accommodation facility owner. The cancellation terms are in Terms of Use, Reservation Policy and in Terms of Cancellation. Some further restrictions on the cancellation may be imposed by the accommodation facility owner.

Where can I see the informations about the settlement balance?

All informations about the settlement balance and the posted bills are available in the “Company” tab, under the "Billings" link.

What will happen, if I don't pay for the service on time?

You will receive the reminders and then, if the service is still not paid, system will display a notification.

Can I pay for a year in advance?

Yes, you can. The price will depend then on the accommodation facility's price policy. All informations about payment in advance are available here.

Where can I see the VAT invoice?

It's available in the “Billings” section and can be seen after clicking on the particular month.

Where can I see the statistics of reservation for the chosen accommodation facility?

All needed statistics and specifications are available in the “Reports” tab.