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Davatis is the system that handles reception and hotel booking. Allows you to easily manage you hotels or guests houses, regardless of the number of beds.

Hotel Software

Davatis allows managing your staffs work, simplifies the creation of schedules and handling your bookings.

Any qualified employee using their own account can monitor his subordinate employees. Activation of your account is 100% free.

Software for hotels

Meeting you expectations, we present the scope of our services. We hope that our application will help your property and in the near future we will establish a fruitful cooperation.

All in one...

Access by all persons authorized to do so

access by all authorized persons to do so

The owner, within one account, can intuitively manage all objects, delegate its managers and receptionists to the selected units.

interactive graphics will improve facilities management and reservations

Imagine that a few quick clicks separates you from creating a booking which will automatically appear on your schedule. Sit comfortably in your chair and manage your hotel!

Interactive graphics will improve facilities management and reservations
Accounting module provide invoices or bills for the stay

accounting module provides invoices or bills for the stay

Mess in the documents or tedious invoicing? Forget it! Davatis.com will be your personal accountant. Issue and print your bookings invoices with one click. Accounting becomes simple!

statistics module supports operational strategy

With advanced statistics you will be able to analyze your results and tune to your customers' preferences. Take advantage of new technologies and optimize your offer to the customer's needs.

Statistics module supports operational strategy

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Creating a hotel's account
Creating a hotel's account
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Booking management
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